An exciting new activity available at Battlelands


Similar to paintballing but for those aged 8 years upwards.

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Splatmaster (junior paintballing) is a new activity to the UK, providing a low impact alternative to Paintball for those players aged 8 years upwards. Splatmaster was engineered so kids (and adults) could easily load and fire.

This is a low impact version of paintball which uses smaller paintballs (0.50c rather than 0.68c) that are fired at a lower velocity. Its been designed for those of a younger age but it's still just as much fun whatever your age. The gelatin shell of the Splatmaster ammo has a low impact break and is not as painful upon contact making it ideal for younger children and those who are uncertain about traditional paintball.

We are open 7 days a week and all year round. Following sessions available.

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